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Turn your old used records into cash!

 The hardest thing I have to do is tell someone that I can't use any of their records, after they have made the effort to drive them over to my store.

Unfortunately, this happens quite a bit. The next hardest thing is trying to figure out during a phone call whether someone should make the effort to show me their old used records.


My general rule of thumbs is that unless someone lives a few miles from my store, it does not usually make sense to bring less than a box of a hundred LP's, 12" singles, 45 rpm singles, or some combination of these discs.

And, it probably doesn't make sense to drive more than ten or fifteen miles to show me a box of records. Of course there are many exceptions that test this rule and I will look at anything that shows up at my door.

Longer trips could be worthwhile if more records are involved and most of them are in close to "like new" condition, or if the vinyl is slightly less than optimal, but the artists and titles are really good.

Under the right storage conditions records hold up remarkably well. Sometimes I see individual records in a collection that look good by virtue of the fact that they were played less than the other records.

Occasionally multiple boxes of super clean records show up here that look like they have been transported in a "time machine" from forty or fifty years ago.

I know this sounds incredible, but it happens. This is the condition I'll be talking about on the phone if you call me.


I could go on, but it would probably be easier to call me at 310-704-2320, and we can take if from there.