Vinyl record store buys and sells old 33 & 1/3rd vintage LP albums & 45's!


RECORD RECYCLER 17312 Crenshaw Blvd, Torrance Tue-Sat 11-5:30


My name is Roy Kaiser.

I've been buying and selling vinyl record albums and 45 rpm singles for over thirty years and have had a vinyl record store for twenty two years!

I started out as a clerk at Peanut Records, 1857 Pacific Coast Highway, Lomita CA, in 1989.

The first Record Recycler location was at 4659 Hollywood Blvd from 1995 - 1999.

We have been at our current Torrance location since June 1, 2001.

Rock & Roll, Soul and R&B, Modern Jazz, and Blues are the most popular musical genres among record collectors.

Record collectors are generally looking for loud, crazy, funky music with lots of screaming and drums, and not  soft, soothing, peaceful easy listening records.

I pay 1/3rd my selling price for vinyl I think will sell.

Most of the LP's in my bins are $5.99. I pay two dollars for these kinds of records.

I pay more for rare records, but, I also reject a lot of records.

Some records, even if in perfect condition, just don't sell to collectors. Other records, even if a little scratched-up, will still sell, but at a lower price than in "like new" condition.

Click the "SELL" link if you want read more about my buying process.

Call me at 310-704-2320 to talk about your records.